Keto Diet Chart

There is no end to the efforts of those who want to lose weight by losing body fat and fat, including dieting and exercise. But the success rate is very low. To solve this, a dieting method has gained a lot of popularity at present. This popularity has been gained mainly from the success rate.

Those who have not been able to lose so much weight even after doing various exercises for a long time have achieved a lot of success in a short time by following this diet method. This method is called ‘Keto Diet’ or ‘Ketogenic Diet’.

The ketogenic diet is the super low-carb diet. In this diet, the carb will be less at the extreme level, the fat will be much higher and the protein will be at the mid-level. Our normal diet consists of 50% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 30% fat. Typical ketogenic diets contain 5% of total caloric carbs, 25% of protein, and 70% of fat. This means that the percentage of the food you eat throughout the day will be like this. For this, you need to know the amount of carbs, protein, fat, etc. in some foods.

Cannot eat at all for now:

What is not bound to eat:

1) Green vegetables (Carrots, a small amount of young green sweet pumpkin can be eaten)

2) Sour fruit. For example, olive, amla, young coconut water.

3) Fish, you can eat any type of fish. However, better if it is oily or sea fish.

4) Beef, mutton, and lamb can be eaten but it should be injection-free and reared by eating grass, leaves, or straw. However, can not eat too much.

5) Cows, sheep, or goat legs can be eaten. Which is very beneficial to eat at this time but It should also be eaten in small quantities.

6) You can eat chicken eggs There is no problem if it is from the farm chicken, but it is better if it is omega 3 or domestic chicken or duck.

7) Try to eat fish eggs as much as possible.

8) Ghee, Organic Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. These are all available in good shops, but it is better to make them yourself.

9) Any type of nuts. Peanuts, almonds, pesto nuts, other nuts. If you want, you can make peanut butter with blended nuts and coconut oil mentioned above. However, eat a small amount.

10) You can eat color tea or coffee without milk and sugar. You can mix lemon, ginger, and a little salt with green tea. Coffee can be made into butter coffee by mixing MCT oil, butter or ghee, and organic coconut oil. It will work well.

How to start a diet:


1) Those who have a habit of eating in the morning, they can have a cup of tea without milk and sugar around eight or eight and a half. Add ginger, lemon, a little salt in the tea.

2) You can drink apple cider vinegar (with mother) or coconut vinegar with lukewarm water.

3) And you can drink lemon juice with lukewarm water.

If you have breakfast at eight in the morning, you should have lunch at half-past one. In addition, those who have a habit of eating breakfast late will have breakfast in the above manner at eleven o’clock and will eat lunch at half-past two or three.


1) Before lunch, you must drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water. This will help you with your gas problem and will help to burn fat.

2) In the lunch menu, you can keep vegetables, fish or meat, fried eggs in ghee, butter with fried nuts in ghee and you must put cucumber or cucumber salad with tomatoes, carrots.

3) Vegetables must be cooked with extra virgin olive oil. Fry the fish (refrain from deep frying as it spoils the food quality) or cook with this oil. Boil the vegetables as little as possible so the quality of vegetables is right.

4) Fry the egg yolk with ghee or butter. There is no problem in being able to eat a maximum of six eggs with yolk in one day. Because eggs are a source of protein and good fats, but once the fat is adapted, you can’t eat as much as you want.

5) You can eat local chicken, one or two pieces, or the mentioned beef. Do not eat meat while eating fish. Do not eat fish while eating meat.

6) Mutton, lamb, and camel meat is not more than one piece.

>>>Afternoon snack:

If you feel hungry in the afternoon, drink tea, butter coffee and nuts mentioned above, fried or mixed with any type of butter or ghee.


1) Drink a glass of water mixed with vinegar before dinner.

2) Eat dinner similar to lunch. There is no problem whether the item is one more or one less.

3) Finish all meals before eight o’clock at night. Then do not eat anything except drinking water.

Why no to honey and sweet fruit:

Honey and sweet fruit contain sugar which our body absorbs as sugars. When you start a diet, the body will burn sugar because it does not eat sugary foods, then the body will burn glycogen. Then when glycogen is depleted but our body in its own process will melt the fat accumulated in the body and take energy from there. This is called fat adaptation. Now if you eat honey, sweet fruits, sugary foods, your body will get its necessary energy from there without burning fat. As a result, you will not have fat-burning and your health and diabetes will not be under control. That is why it is forbidden to eat all kinds of sugars, honey, sweet fruits, and sugary foods in the diet.  If you eat a sweet, eat two or three sweet fruits, eat a teaspoon of sugar or honey, eat rice or bread once a day, your body will stop burning fat for 48 hours!

Things must follow:

1) You have to go to sleep by ten o’clock at night or at most eleven o’clock Because between ten and two o’clock in the night, our body secretes growth hormone. And these growth hormones help a lot in fat burning. If you ignore this natural thing, your diet will remain incomplete and you will fail to get good results.

2) You should wake up very early in the morning. After praying (If Muslims) go out for a walk. Walking on an empty stomach is very effective for burning fat. Walking speed will depend on your age. If the age is above forty, walk at normal speed for 40/60 minutes. If you are under 40 years of age, do jogging or walk fast for 40/60 minutes. However, make sure that you do not get short of breath or shortness of breath while walking. Adapt to the body as much as you walk or exercise.

3) You can do yoga to reduce fat quickly Check out how to do yoga on YouTube.

4) Follow the rules in the above-written method for seven to eight days. During this time your body will learn to burn fat This is the first step of your diet.

5) Now start fasting in the second step. In Sehri, start fasting by drinking only water. Refrain from drinking water and eating everything during the day like normal fasting.

6) Break Fast with nuts, butter, and cucumber. You can keep other salads or pickled fruits with you.

7) Drink water mixed with vinegar and eat the same as mentioned above for dinner and must finish all meals before eight. To get better results, finish the meal within one hour of Iftar and then continue to drink water.

8) When you start fasting, you may feel a little dizzy while you stand up from sitting. In that case, drink water mixed with a little salt every day. You can also drink coconut water. It is very important to drink young coconut every day.

9) The more (continuously) you can fast, the faster you will get results. However, after 7 days, you have to give a break for two days. In these two days eat twice a day at an interval of 4 hours. The food menu is the same as before. The rest of the time do water fasting. That means drink water mixed with vinegar, lemon, salt, and green tea.

10) If you can not fast continuously, then fast at least twice a week. And those who have trouble fasting for the whole day will prolong the fast by following the above-mentioned menu. That means you will do partial fasting. Eat twice at an interval of 4 hours. The food menu is the same as before. Do water fasting for the remaining twenty hours. That means drink water mixed with vinegar, lemon, salt, and green tea. Walk and exercise regularly. Hopefully, within one and a half to two months you will reach your desired goal In Shah Allah!

Everything else to be followed:

1) Try to stay as tension-free as possible.

2) Try to be happy.

3) Try to apply the gentle sun in the morning during or after walking every day Because vitamin D in the sun helps to keep our body healthy.

4) Refrain from using all electronic devices within eight o’clock at night, it will improve your sleep quality.

5) If you are a Muslim, pray regularly. Pray more and more nafol prayers.

6) Avoid all outside food.

7) If you can’t use extra virgin olive oil instead of soybean oil in cooking, use mustard oil for the time being.

[This chart is for those who are new to starting a diet. All the information in this article. Collected from Jahangir Kabir’s Facebook page.]

>>>>>Translated into English by Asad Rony<<<<<