Islam has nothing to do with 786

“786” – we see it everywhere. Above our doors, in shop windows, on wedding cards and pretty much everywhere in between.

There is a widespread belief that “786” means Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem. People write it seeking blessings and protection, believing that they are doing something good.

In reality my dear brothers and sisters, 786 is nothing more than than a collection of numbers. There is no significance to it whatsoever. In fact, believing that “786” brings blessings or protection is an avenue to shirk because it isn’t a means to anything.

Rather, this only destroys a person’s trust and reliance upon Allah. 786 stems from the practice of giving each letter a numerical value and then counting the total of all the letters in a word. This practice has nothing to do with Islam and is more akin to the practices of the magicians.

As muslims we should not be attached to these silly numbers and concepts. Our pure trust is in Allah alone and not these innovated traps of shaytan. Put your trust in Allah.

Often when you open a taweez you find 786 inaide. The 786 is used by the magician to mislead the general masses into thinking it is something good. And Allah’s aid is sought.

Free yourselves from the shackles of shirk and come to the pure path of tawheed. Trust in Allah and realise that only HE can protect you, bless you and guide you.

Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn