Should We Remain Silent About The Callers to Innovation?

Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī (حفظه الله)

[Q]: Is it from the methodology of the Salaf to remain silent about the callers to innovation, considering some benefits? Likewise, is it from the methodology of the Salaf to keep silent about an innovator’s status and not to warn against him, considering a benefit?

[A]: Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī (حفظه الله) answered:

It is not from the methodology of the Salaf to remain silent about the people of innovation who call to it, considering some benefits. That is because the spread of innovation in societies corrupts their people, and there is no doubt that repelling harm takes precedence over seeking to achieve benefits.

Likewise, it is impermissible to remain silent about mentioning the innovator and what he is associated with, because silence about it causes harm to society, so it is necessary to mention him along with his innovation, and it is necessary to warn against him [and his innovation] as advice to the Muslims. All of this is to be done when the physical and intellectual capacity to clarify are present.

In an authentic Ḥadīth it states: “Whoever sees a munkar (i.e. vice), let him change it with his handsand if he is not ablethen with his tongueand if he is not able, then with his heart, and that is the weakest form of faith (i.e. īmān).” [Collected by Muslim, #49]

The spread of innovation and silence regarding those who call to it is leaving a munkar without changing it, and that is impermissible according to the Sharī’ah (i.e. Islamic Legislation), which the giver of glad tidings, warner and shining lantern (i.e. Muḥammad) came with, which was revealed by the All-Wise and the All-Knowing.¹


Translated by:
Abū Ādam Jamīl Finch (غفر الله له)
22nd of Muḥarram, 1435 AH

[1] Zayd al-Madkhalī, 50 Questions and Answers on Manhaj, pg. 107/Question #38