Refutation of the Book “FADHAIL AAMAAL” Of Tabligh Jaamat

Zakaria Khandelvi writes in his book Fadhail A’maal (Fadhail Sadaqaat , page 558) :

” … I (zakaria Khandelvi) am a liar , I am nothing . It is yours ( Allaah) shade , it is yours (Allaah) existence . what am I ? I am nothing and whatever I (Zakaria Khandelvi) am that is ( exactly) what you ( Allaah) are , and I and you (Allaah) are Shirk upon Shirk .”


Shaikh Tauseefur Rahmaan ( hafidhahullah) exposes this blasphemy of Zakaria Khandelvi in this clip ( 8:20) :

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Shaikh Saleh al Fawzaan (hafidhahullah) , says that it is not permissible to accompany this sufi Jamaah in this clip :

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Look at what the author of Fadhail A’maal says !!!!


“whatever I am that is you ( Allaah) , and I and you are Shirk upon Shirk ( I am from you and you are from me ) . Astaghfirullaah



It is written in the book fazail Amaal ( authored by Zakaria kandhelvi ) :

” I travelled for hajj with my mother . My mother died there. Her face darkened and stomach swelled , I wondered what a problem I’m encountered with. So I raised my hands and made dua to Allaah .

All of a sudden, a cloud appeared from the direction of Madina,it descended, and a person appeared from it.

He wiped his hand over my mother’s face, and her stomach . As, he did so, my mother became well again. I asked him ‘who are you?’

He said, ‘I am your Prophet Muhammad ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) .

I said ( to the prophet Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) give me something ( to act upon / to recite ) . He ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam ) said , whenever you give a pace ( while walking ) recite ” Allahumma Salli a’la Muhammadin Wa a’la aali Muhammad “.

Audhubillaah. This is a lie against the Prophet ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam ).



Zakaria khandelvi writes in his book (fazaail A’maal – vol 2 , Fazaail hajj , page 88, Urdu version ) :

“Moosa bin Muhammad says that once an Ajmee (a non-Arab) was performing Tawaaf; He was a good and religious man. During Tawaaf, he heard the sound of the anklets of a beautiful woman . He began to stare at the woman. From the Yemeni Corner a hand emerged and slapped the man as a result of which his eye came out and from the wall of the House of Allaah came a voice saying, “You make Tawaaf of our house and look at our women. This slap was in return for that look. If you repeat such behaviour again, we will punish you harder.”



Where was this hand at the time of the Prophet (sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam ) when his sahaba (radiallahu anhum ) were being tortured by the mushrikeen of Makkah ?Does this hand only rescue Deobandis ?
What is this ?


Zakaria khandelvi writes in his book Fadhail Darood Sharif ( Tablighi sufi book ) , page 155 , couplet 16 :

“( I wish to) circumambulate (make Tawaaf) of your ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam ) pure Grave and the Green Dome in a state of mad (mad / drunken) ecstasy…”


Audhubillaah !

This is what these sufis preach in their books !

• In this clip some sufis are making tawaaf of a green dome :

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• sufis going crazy next to someone’s grave ( they look so stupid) :

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Zakaria khandelvi writes in his book ( Fazaail A’maal – vol.2 , Fazaail Hajj , page 93 , Urdu version) :

“And it has been reported from certain buzrugs (elders / pious people) that some people live in khurasan but are close to the ones who perform tawaaf . AND YET THERE ARE SOME TO WHOM THE KABAH ITSELF GOES TO VISIT THEM .”


So for the Deobandis there are some people to whom the kabah ITSELF goes to visit them !!!

When we tell these tablighis not to spread these lies , they get angry and when they come back from their 3 days , 40 days picnic jamat they act as if they have done a big favour to the Ummah , and also think they are some big ulama .

They should just shut their mouths up because the ummah is not in need of these lies .

And they disgorge their usual slogan ” brother , come with us to tabligh jamat . Make the intention, even if you do not want to come . Make the intention “.

What kind of intention is that ? One has already made the intention not to join their misguided jamat , but they keep insisting with nonsensical slogans.


Zakaria Khandelvi writes in his book :

Translation :

“Shaikh Abu Khair Qattah said that: I went to Madeenah and stayed there for five days but did not have anything to eat ( during those five days !! ) .

I went to the graves of the Prophet ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) , Hadhrat Abu Bakar and Hadhrat ‘Umar and said, “O Messenger of Allaah ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) I am your guest tonight.”

Then I left the place and slept behind the minbar.

I saw in my dream that the Prophet of Allaah ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) with Abu Bakar on his right, ‘Umar on his left and ‘Alee was in front of them all.

Hadhrat Alee then called me and said that the Messenger of Allaah ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) has come to visit me. The Messenger of Allaah ( Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) then gave me a piece of bread ( roti / Indian bread ) which I ate half and when I woke up the other half was in my hand.”

ASTAGHFIRULLAAH. This is a lie against the Prophet ( Sallallahu aleyhi Wa sallam) 

I ask everyone who is affiliated with this group to stop spreading Shirk and Bid’ah. Please stay in your homes , the ummah is not in need of your “dawah”.

May Allah guide us all

Prepared by Akhi Abu Mikaeel


This is just few deviations ,we will update this post with more deviations in this book

For Complete Refutation :


Fazail E Amaal Ki Haqeeqat by Shaeikh Tauseef Ur Rahman (full video)

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