Advice for last moments of Ramadan Shaykh Muhiuddin

As-Salamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

There could be as little as 4 hours left of Ramadan in the UK this year. In these last few moments, here’s what we can try to do to make use of our time:

1: Finalise arrangements for Sadaqatul Fitr. It is obligatory to give the money to the poor on the day of Eid so either find a needy person yourself or find someone (or a charity) who can guarantee they will get it into the hands of the poor by Eid day. Leaving this till Eid morning will mean it will most probably be too late and you could be sinful. Now is the time to attend to this obligatory act.

2: Even if the moon is seen somewhere else in the world first, Ramadan for us will remain at least until the sun sets here in the UK. When we look back at how we spent the last hours or minutes of Ramadan, we will deeply regret it if we were reading or forwarding messages (real or hoax) about when Eid is. We should either go out at sunset to look for the moon ourselves, or attend Maghrib salah in the local masjid and wait for an announcement to be made there. Adding to the confusion on social media wastes everyone’s time. Consider switching off or silencing your phone or at least ignoring all the Eid announcements. The time to check for all of this is after Maghrib. Don’t worry, Eid won’t happen without you.

3: Look at the clock as a count-down timer and try to cram in as much dua, tilawah, dhikr, sadaqah, dhikr, etc., as you can.

4: Towards the end of any good deed, istighfaar (asking Allah’s forgiveness) is very important. Along with all of the above-mentioned, spend the last moments of Ramadan thanking Allah for the tawfiq he gave us, but also contemplating on our deficiencies and asking his forgiveness.

5: Finally, remember Allah accepts the dua of a fasting person when breaking his fast so focus on dua before Iftar.